Tiffany Shedd

Tiffany Shedd can trace her roots in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District back over 100 years. She is a farmer, attorney, small business owner, firearms instructor and mother of three. Tiffany is running for Congress to bring true rural Arizona values to Washington, DC.

Tiffany has spent decades as a fierce advocate for rural Arizona. She and her husband, Rodney, farm cotton and wheat on a 4th generation farm that they own in Eloy, AZ. As a citizen she has participated in many issues impacting rural Arizona. She has fought the EPA on overarching policies, worked to protect property and water rights from bureaucratic takings, and protected farmers and small business owners by advocating for laws and policies that protect local business and communities.

Community is the heart of rural Arizona. Tiffany has supported junior livestock programs, visual and performing arts programs, and projects that preserve the history of Arizona. She is on the Board of Directors for the Santa Cruz Valley Historic Museum, whose mission is to preserve local history. She is also a past member of the Toltec Elementary School Board.

With deep roots in the 1st congressional district and a lifetime of service to her community, Tiffany will be a true champion for rural Arizona!