Steve Smith

Steve Smith was born and raised just outside of Detroit, Michigan and comes from a family of teachers, small business owners, medical professionals, and brave members of the United States military.

He worked hard and paid his own way through college, graduating with Honors from Michigan State University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a Cognate in Business Law.

Steve ultimately moved to Arizona in 2001 and in 2010 he decided to run for the Arizona State Senate because the same liberal Democrat family had held that Senate seat for nearly 30 years and Steve knew that the people of the district were not being properly represented.

Although many insiders and political pundits said it was an impossible task to defeat this ╩╗Democrat Dynasty╩╝, Steve won the election by more than 8 percentage points. Subsequently, at age 35 he had become one of the youngest Senators in Arizona history and was the first Republican Senator in the district in nearly 100 years! He currently serves as the Chairman of the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee where he has helped lead the effort to move Arizona from 48th in the nation in job growth to 4th. Additionally, the prison reform bill Steve authored has been recognized as the most successful prison reentry program in the country. Steve has been elected to four terms in the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives and has been named Legislator of the Year for his work in law enforcement, the disabled community, and more and was given the highest award for his work for our military heroes.

Defending the principles of ‘God, Family, and Country’, Steve has a 100% voting record in defending the unborn and religious freedoms, is A+ rated by the NRA, is ranked #1 on the top legislative scorecards, and has never voted to raise taxes.