Steve Fitzgerald

Steve and his wife, Francie, brought their family to Kansas twice. First, when Steve was a student at the Command and General Staff College, and later when he was getting ready to retire.

They have been Kansas residents for over thirty years and their children have attended local public, Lutheran, and Catholic schools. Two of their children joined the Army and are still serving on active duty and in the reserves.

While on active duty Steve served in Vietnam, Germany, and Grenada. He rose from a private to Lieutenant Colonel with tours in the 82d Airborne Division and the Third, Fifth, and Tenth Special Forces Groups.

After the Army, Steve started his own business, before going back to serve following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Steve worked as a military analyst and trainer for Northrop Grumman supporting the Army.

Politics have always been an important part of Francie and Steve’s life. They have been precinct captains and district and state party delegates as well as strong supporters of Republican candidates. Steve did not just run for the Kansas Senate, he helped other candidates, worked as a delegate to the state party, was elected treasurer of the state party, and served on the local school board as vice-president.

He co-founded and is co-chair of The Leadership Series, which has trained over one hundred men in community and political leadership. He has also been active in several church, civic, and veteran’s organizations.

He is a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, the Education Committee, the Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee and the Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight. He is vice chairman of the Legislative and Elected Officials subcommittee of Ways and Means.