Scott Sturgill

Scott Sturgill serves as the CEO of Durable Safety Products where he has built a very successful safety company that has employees locally and throughout the USA.

Scott was born and raised in Seminole County (4th Generation) and went to Seminole High School. A graduate of Flagler College, Scott received a BA in Business Administration and a Minor in Political Science. While at Flagler College, Scott was selected to serve on The President’s Advisory Council. Prior to his Senior Year, Scott had received and accepted a position with a boutique investment firm that encouraged him to think outside the box. It was here that Scott realized his career path of being an entrepreneur.

Scott became involved in state and local politics after seeing firsthand how high taxes and red tape impact entrepreneurs. He is very vocal and takes a strong stand against wasteful spending and demands that elected officials adhere to the same rules as everyone else.

Scott is focused on removing government barriers to private-sector job creation, economic growth, cutting government spending, improving healthcare and running local and state governments with a business mentality.

Scott and his wife, Tracy, serve on various boards and are instrumental in raising funds and awareness for the charities that they support. Scott and Tracy reside in Seminole County with their two daughters.