Sapan Shah

Dr. Sapan Shah, a physician, successful entrepreneur, and family man from Libertyville, is running for Congress to bring real world experience and common sense to Washington, D.C.

In 2007, Dr. Shah founded Flagship Healthcare to use his medical and legal expertise to assist with the business aspects of healthcare so medical professionals could spend their time practicing medicine. Today they support over 800 physicians and several hospitals throughout the country. Dr. Shah has seen firsthand the problems with our healthcare system and knows what to do to alleviate the financial burdens that families and medical professionals face.

Dr. Shah embodies the American dream. His parents came from India with no money or resources, but worked hard to provide for their family. They immigrated to Waukegan, where Shah was born in 1980. He excelled in school, graduating valedictorian of his high school. Shah was accepted into a prestigious direct medical program at Case Western Reserve University, where he graduated magna cum laude in just two years, earned his law degree in two years and his medical degree in four. Sapan and his wife, Rachna, also a doctor, were married in 2005. They live in Libertyville on Oak Spring Road.