Rocky Raczkowski

As the current leader in positive Name ID, and independent polling within Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, Rocky Raczkowski is an experienced Business Owner, Political Leader and Decorated Soldier.  In 1986, Rocky enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry. Upon graduation from college, he was commissioned through the Officer Candidate School Program and began the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Ft. Benning, GA, while on orders for Operation Desert Shield. After returning home to Michigan, Rocky started his 1st Company, providing printing & marketing services. In 1996, Rocky was encouraged to run for office & was elected a State Representative in the Michigan State Legislature.

In 1998, he was elected by his fellow Representatives as the youngest Majority Leader of any State’s House of Representatives in the Nation. In 2002, Rep. Raczkowski was term limited by a State Constitutional amendment that he worked to pass. In 2010, Rocky ran for Congress, and while unsuccessful, it was the 2nd closest race in the nation. In Business, Rocky has served on corporate boards & led a national service company from near bankruptcy to profitability without a single layoff. Currently, he is the President of Imperium Logistics, LLC, a supply chain logistics provider that he created in 2012.  Currently, Imperium Logistics grosses over $28 million in annual revenue.

Rocky has also served our Nation with great honor. He returned from his 2nd overseas combat tour of duty in the Global War on Terror in 2009. During his first tour in 2003, he served for 1 year as an US Army B Team Leader in a Civil Affairs unit (Special Operations/Airborne), where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service during Combat operations. Currently, Rocky serves in the rank of a Lt. Colonel & holds a B.A. in Political Science/Psychology, completed a M.A. & a Juris Doctorate.

Rocky is active in charitable work, and serves on the Board of ALS of MI & the MI Chapter of the Red Cross. Rocky has been a guest on many radio and television stations concerning political and national security topics & is able to speak 3 foreign languages. Rocky and his wife, Amalia have been married since 2010, have a daughter (Sofia Christina) and live in Troy, MI