Richard Tisei


Richard Tisei is a longtime resident of the 6th Congressional District on Massachusetts’ North Shore. Driven to public service early in life, he became the youngest Republican ever elected to the General Court when he won a seat for the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1984 – the same year he graduated from American University. Working as a realtor and small businessman in Lynnfield, Richard won another upset election for State Senate in 1990 in a district where Republicans were outnumbered nearly 9 to 1.  As a State Senator, Richard fought for government reform and transparency.  He opposed tax increases and staunchly advocated for balanced budgets.

In 2012, Richard ran for Congress from the Massachusetts 6th District.  The race was one of the most closely watched in the nation with Richard coming within 1 percentage point of capturing the seat and winning 29 of the 39 communities comprising the North Shore-based district.


Opponent: John Tierney