Klint Kesto

Klint Kesto is a former criminal prosecutor who took on violent crime, consumer fraud, domestic violence and political corruption. Klint previously owned and operated a family-owned small business — exactly the kind of business that powers growth and jobs in America.

Klint worked as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for over five years. Working and observing in a courtroom every day, Klint saw firsthand the effects of the law – a key to understanding Washington legislation.

As a small business owner, Klint Kesto personally experienced the effects of governmental restrictions on entrepreneurs. There has been too much “red tape” stifling progress and haltering the ability of businesses to succeed. He believes businesses will create jobs.

Klint currently serves as a conservative Michigan State Representative fighting to reform our broken welfare system, reform our unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture laws, protect religious freedom, and rein in unelected bureaucrats who cripple small businesses and destroy jobs. He was the first Chaldean in state history to be elected to the Michigan House of Representatives. He serves on Health Policy, Regulatory Reform, Elections, and is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Mostly importantly, Klint is husband and father who wakes up every day wanting the same thing we all want: a safer and stronger Michigan and America for our kids to grow up in.

Klint strongly believes there is a fundamental right to life. He is a pro-life activist and defends the unborn child’s right to a life. He is committed to preserving our shared core values.

Klint understands the importance of education and creating a high standard of teaching. He supports leaving choice with the parents, rather than the government. He promotes Performance Based Teaching so that students have a higher standard of education.

Klint has worked for the United States Department of Energy and the United States Department of Justice. He’s also an active member of the community, and serves as a board member of the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Chaldean American Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Michigan State Bar, and a member of the Greater West Bloomfield Republicans.

Klint has the experience, commitment, and dedication to work hard on behalf of our shared values. A lifelong resident of Oakland County, Klint will be YOUR voice in Washington!