Elan Carr


Elan Carr is the son of immigrants.  His mother fled to Israel from Iraq after watching her father be taken away by Iraqi authorities.  His step-father fled to Israel from Nazi-occupied Bulgaria. Both eventually immigrated to the United States and became proud American citizens.  Elan’s mother, father, and step-father modeled the importance of living lives of service and civic responsibility. These examples led Elan to dedicate himself to public service. Determined to serve his country, Elan joined the United States Army a few months before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. When U.S. troops entered Iraq in 2003, Elan volunteered to deploy to the very place from where his family had fled as Jewish refugees. He received multiple decorations for his service in Iraq, and he continues to serve as to this day in the U.S. Army Reserve, Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. Having fought terrorists in Iraq, Elan turned his attention to fighting criminals on our streets.  Upon returning from Iraq, he joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney.

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